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Recommended Products

Y-Shaped Harness

There are many fantastic harnesses out there. For a strong harness that is adjustable to most body shapes, is comfortable for the dog, and has the option of front and back attachment - the ROGZ Control harness is a great option. It comes in a variety of colours and has sizes to fit giant breeds. The design and make of the harness is sturdy and should last a long time too. 

Where to buy: You can purchase online at Petbarn, or locally at Petstock Ballina.


Sport Style Harness

The Ezydog Express Harness is an example of a sport harness that is easy and quick to fit. These harnesses are great for some dogs - they are not great for dogs that get spooked or have the risk of backing out of the harness, as they can easily wriggle out of it. For adult dogs with predictable behaviour, these harnesses make an easy, comfortable option. This particular harness tend to sit higher on the chest and not restrict shoulder movement as much as other similar styled harnesses. 

Where to buy: You can purchase locally at Petbarn Lismore.


Vest Harness

There are many brands and varieties of the vest harness. NRDW prefers the 'Big & Little Dog' brand's adjustable harness to ensure you can get the best fit. These harness are reduce rubbing in the armpits for some dogs, however they may restrict shoulder movement in others. This particular one comes with a front and back attachment point, and while a well-made product, it is not suitable for very strong pullers. Other brands tend not to be adjustable around the neck.

Where to buy: You can purchase online at


Providore Treats

The Providore range has a variety of high quality and tasty flavours which make for good payment during training. The treats do not crumble like some others, but are still easy to break up smaller if needed. These treats are air dried and contain a high meat content (and no nasties). The brand also has a dog food that is a complete meal which also makes for good treats (although more crumbly). 

Where to buy: This brand is exclusive to Petbarn. You can purchase locally at Petbarn Lismore.


Icelandic Treats & Chews



Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzles



Kong Dog Toys



Chuckit Ultra Balls



Long Line



Dog Raincoat & Towel


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