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30-Minute Dog Walk

$33 + $12 per extra dog

30-minute walk around your neighbourhood with one of our wonderful walkers. Includes treats! 

Adventure Walk


One of our walkers will pick your dog up and transport them to one of our beautiful local walking tracks. From there your dog enjoys a 60-minute adventure exploring on an extra-long lead! Suitable for one dog at a time. 

Socialisation Walk


Socialisation walks are perfect for dogs that are friendly but need a bit of extra help being calm and confident around other dogs. Perfect for puppies! Your dog will have their own walker and join along on one of our 60-minute social walks.

Meet and Greet


Perfect for discussing your needs and getting to know each other before starting services.

60-Minute Dog Walk

$55 + $15 per extra dog

60-minute walk around the neighbourhood just for your pooch! (treats and cuddles included)

Social Walk


One of our walkers will pick your dog up and transport them to Butterfly Gully for a 60-minute walk with another dog.

Pram Service

$40 for 30 min walk

$65 for 60 min walk

Our pram service is perfect for young puppies, elderly dogs, disabled dogs, and dogs recovering from injury or surgery. Suitable for dogs up to 50kg! 

We bring our pram to you, train your dog how to use it comfortably, and can include transport in the car to a local park or walking track so they can really explore and get the most out of their walk. 

How to Book:

All booking requests are made through our client portal. You can sign in or create an account below. 

Services are available on weekdays, in the Goonellabah, Lismore, and Richmond Hill areas.

Have some questions first?

Can't see an answer you're looking for - ask us on our contact page.

Can I book a regular service or book just when I need to?

Yes and yes! While booking regular services each week means you are unlikely to miss out on your preferred time, we are happy to accommodate sporadic bookings too. 

What do I need to provide for my dog?

Once a walk is booked, please ensure your dog is ready to be picked up at the agreed-upon time. They will need a collar and/or harness and have an ID tag attached. We use our own leads, car seatbelts, treats, poop bags, dog toys and dog water bottles. We can also put on your dog's harness for you before their walk.

Do you use check chains, slip leads, head halters or harnesses?

As a dog trainer, Layla understands that training tools can make our lives easier. However, we do not walk dogs on any type of check collars or prong collars. We are happy to discuss with you why we do not use or recommend these devices.


A head halter, if appropriately conditioned, is a tool to help control large and strong dogs (similar to a horse halter). Dogs must be conditioned to wearing a head halter before use. If provided and requested, we will use a head halter on large breed dogs.


Harnesses come in many varieties. A properly fitted Y-shaped harness is our preferred walking tool, as they are often safer and more comfortable than walking on a collar. We are happy to walk your dog on most kinds of harnesses or a basic collar. If you're unsure or need help finding a suitable harness, we are happy to help.

What vaccinations and health requirements must my dog meet?

All dogs and puppies must be up to date with C3 vaccinations, flea, tick, and worming treatments. For group walks, dogs must have their C5 vaccination. Puppies must have received all three of their first vaccinations and received the all-clear from your vet for socialisation before joining us on a walk.

Dogs that have visible fleas at pick-up will not be able to go on group walks or be transported in the car.

Dogs do not have to be neutered to book a walk, but they may not be able to attend group walks. Please inform us if your dog is in heat, as we may need to change walk locations.

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