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  • What days and times do you offer walks?
    We offer services Monday to Friday, from 7am to 5pm. Weekend services for pet sitting have an additional 50% surcharge. Our times may vary depending on the season and daylight savings.
  • What areas do you service?
    Goonellabah, Lismore, and Richmond Hill.
  • Can you walk more than one dog?
    Yes! We can walk up to four dogs if all dogs walk well and get along. If you have strong dogs that pull, we will only walk one at a time for both your dog's and our walker's safety.
  • Where do you walk the dogs?
    Our general 30 and 60 minute walks are around your local neighbourhood. If you book a 60 minute adventure walk, we will drive your dog to various locations including Butterfly Gully, Wilson's walking track, and Arboretum walking track.
  • How do you transport the dogs?
    If we need to transport your dog in the car, we have secure tether points and seat covers for a comfortable and safe trip. We only use quality equipement to ensure the safety of your pets. We recommend providing a harness for your dog for extra safety in the event of a road accident (as opposed to the seatbelt being attached to their collar). If your dog doesn't travel well, please let us know.
  • What about big dogs?
    We walk big dogs! Our walkers have experience in walking many different breeds. However we may limited to walking one large breed dog at a time for safety concerns.
  • Do you use check collars, head halters or harnesses?"
    As a dog trainer, Layla understands that training tools can make our lives easier. However, we do not walk dogs on any type of check collars or prong collars. We are happy to discuss with you why we do not use or recommend these devices. A head halter, if appropriately conditioned, is a tool to help control large and strong dogs (similar to a horse halter). Dogs must be conditioned to wearing a head halter before use. If provided and requested, we will use a head halter on large breed dogs. Harnesses come in many varieties. A properly fitted Y-shaped harness is our preferred walking tool, as they are often safer and more comfortable than walking on a collar. We are happy to walk your dog on most kinds of harnesses or a basic collar. If you're unsure or need help finding a suitable harness, we are happy to help.
  • What do I need to provide for my dog?
    Once a walk is booked, please ensure your dog is ready to be picked up at the agreed upon time. They will need to be wearing a collar and/or harness, and have an ID tag attached. We use our own leads, car seatbelts, treats, poop bags, dog toys and dog water bottle.
  • Do you use dog treats and what types?
    Our dog walkers always carry dog treats on them. Through positive reinforcement, dogs will be more likely to offer good behaviours without us asking, and also build their confidence and resilience. Treats are used sparingly on most walks and appropraitely used if we are doing any training. The treats used include Savourlife, Providore, and ZiwiPeak. We can accomodate dietary concerns such as grain free, low fat, or restricted proteins. Or we can use treats you provide or withold treats if preferred.
  • Can you train my dog?
    Yes! Our walkers will always encourage and promote basic manners and lead skills while walking your dog. However, if you would like a more focused visit just on dog obedience - Layla offers one on one training sessions. These sessions can cover a large range of topics, such as loose lead walking, listening in distractions, and teaching new skills.
  • What vaccinations and health requirements must my dog meet?
    All dogs and puppies must be up to date with C3 vaccinations, flea, tick, and worming treatments. For group walks, dogs must have their C5 vaccination. Puppies must have recieved all three of their first vaccinations and recieved the all clear from your vet for socialisation before joining us on a walk. Dogs that have visable fleas at pick up will not be able to go on group walks or be transported in the car. Dogs do not have to be neutered to book a walk, but they may not be able to attend group walks. Please inform us if your dog is in heat, as we may need to change walk locations.
  • Can we do a meet and greet before booking a walk?
    Of course! Its important that both you and your dog can trust our walkers, so a meet and greet is recommended before we take your dog out for their first walk. This is the perfect time to assess if we're the right fit for you and your dog, and for us to get to know your dog and their quirks.
  • What about emergencies? Do you have Insurance?
    Northern Rivers Dog Walking is fully insured. The safety of the dogs, the public, and our walkers will always come first, and we will take every precaution we can. These include never having your dog off leash, avoiding long grass and bushy areas where ticks or snakes are more common, avoiding unknown dogs we come across on walks, and always carrying basic first aid equipement. All dogs require a vet release form to be filled out in the case that we are unable to contact you during an emergency (this allows us to seek medical treatment for your dog). We will also always be contactable by phone if you need to reach your walker while they're out.
  • How do I pay?
    Electonic payment is preferred. An invoice will be provided with options for bank transfer or online card payment. For recurring services, invoices are weekly and payment details can be saved to be automatically paid each invoice. We use Stripe for secure online payments.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    We understand that life is unpredicable, so we do not charge any cancellation fees. Please notify us as soon as possible by phone or email. For prepaid services, a refund can be provided or we can postpone the service to another day.
  • How does the weather effect bookings?
    During summer, we only do morning and late afternoon walks so to avoid the heat and hot pavements. Our walkers will walk in light rain, however will cancel if the weather is stormy.
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